About us

A few words about us and our Nowosolski Filet


We are a company with over 20 years of Polish tradition, in which people work putting their whole heart into the manufactured product. Paying special attention to the production process, as well as the high class of our technological process translates into the quality of our Kordonków as well as customer satisfaction and recognition. Thanks to all these elements, a huge number of people have already trusted us, who share a passion for needlework. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our products, and if you have questions, suggestions, doubts or help in choosing the perfect twist for your work, please contact us via the form or by phone. We answer every question efficiently and matter-of-factly.


Who are our Nowosolski Filet directed to?


Crocheting and embroidery were until recently attributes of our grandmothers. They put all their love into their knitting, which resulted in beautiful napkins, tablecloths, curtains and blouses. They did not do it only for themselves, but above all for the people they loved. To this day, in our wardrobes you can find various wonders that arouse in us warm feelings, sentiment and memories. Despite the temporary downtime, needlework returned to favor, and laces again appeared on the tables and windows. We want to keep tradition and make knitting a joy with our products.
Our yarn is addressed to all those for whom embroidery, crocheting and embroidery is a passion, a way to kill free time and an additional source of income. We address them to both men and women, young people, middle-aged and older. Our product is simply for everyone!


What we offer?


In our offer you will find products such as the Nowosolski Kordon, cotton, metallised cotton, mulina, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm Nowosolski cord, Spaghetti cord and various accessories necessary for needlework (e.g. crochet, pumps, cordon samples). Nowosolski Kordonek is made of 100% high quality polyester yarn, however, thanks to our unique production process, it looks like cotton cords. The range of colors extends from traditional white, through gentle blue, calming green, expressive red, to dark black. Our latest products include Metallic Kordonki, which are becoming more and more popular every day. They are characterized by extraordinary softness, durability, weave, which makes them not split, as well as an attractive and original look. Thanks to them you will make your handicrafts interesting and original. Due to this, the upcoming Christmas period, decorations made of them will beautifully decorate your Christmas tree. If you want your works to look perfect, use cotton cords. This product is perfect for creating clothes, tablecloths and napkins. And if you want to make an effective rug, pad or purse, check out our offer of strings. They differ not only in color, but also in thickness, winding and weight. Recently, fashionable spaghetti have joined our strings. With their help, you can make a bedspread, rug, basket or blanket. If you want to find out what quality and how the colors look "live", you can order samples. We also have various types of accessories that will make crocheting easier.


What is our mission?


For us, the most important is the customer, his satisfaction and trust in our brand. We make every possible effort to ensure that from the moment you familiarize yourself with the product, you will feel that this product will meet its expectations. Our company has an idyllic and family atmosphere, and this translates into a professional level of customer service. Our salesmen and consultants are nice, competent and solve problems immediately. There is also no problem for us to exchange goods or a possible return. We are aware of our product as well as the fact that it will not suit everyone. In the production process, we employ specialists who ensure that the product meets the standards and that the color mix is ​​consistent with the color palette. Due to the fact that a group of customers performs their works for sale, we make every effort to ensure that the goods ordered by him arrive quickly and be undamaged. Our customers confirm our punctuality by sharing their opinion on our store and through Google. We also send our lace-ups outside Poland. So if you live e.g. in Germany, England or Spain, then you do not have to give up on us. The product will send!


Remember that when choosing our store:
· You can be sure that the goods will be sent quickly,
· Will be of high quality and in line with the order,
· You are guaranteed satisfaction (exchanges and returns)
· You will support a Polish producer with over 20 years of tradition!


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